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 Patent in Greece
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Patent Requirements in Greece
  In order to apply and file for a patent in Greece you need to provide 1. Patent Information, and the 2. Designation of Inventor Document if required.

1.- Greek Patent Requirements


  1. Name and address of the applicant. If it is a Company, place of incorporation.
  2. Name, address and citizenship of the Inventor(s).
  3. Invention Title, Abstract of the Invention (not for Utility Models).
  4. Invention, Utility Model or Design specifications / description.
  5. Claims.
  6. Set of Formal Drawings.
  7. A Greek Translation of the specifications.
  8. Designation of Inventor (in case the applicant is not the inventor).
  9. Certified priority document, including priority number and country of origin, within 6 months of the priority date.
  10. Power of Attorney simply signed by the applicant.



Patents in Greece


Concession of the Patent Grant: 20 years (from the filing date)

Concession of the Greek Utility Model: 10 years

Concession of the Greek Design: 20 years.

Member of the Paris Convention: Yes

Member of the PCT: Yes



  1. Patent Filing
  2. Corrections Presentation Period: 4 months
  3. Examination
  4. Search Report Comment Period: 3 months
  5. Drafting of Final Search Report  
  6. Grant of the Patent
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