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Quote Your Patent Application in United Arab Emirates.


Patent in UAE

Patent Services in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

If you have already a patent application filed and you need to expand its protection in UAE or if you need to start the application from the patent draft,  just contact us so we can provide you with our expert advice.

We will be able to guide you through the entire process.

  • Patent drafts

    We count on extensive local experience with management of patent filing in more than 100 territories.

  • Local Filing

    File your local application in South Africa.

  • National Phases

    Have your different patent applications centralized.

Design Services in UAE

If you are launching a new product and you are seeking for a comprehensive protection strategy , you can apply for a design patent application in UAE, just contact us so we can provide you with our expert advice and guide you through the entire process.

  • Design drawings

    We offer professional drawings services in order to allow the applicant a proper filing

  • Design Search

    We perform international design search and analysis services.

  • Design Applications

    We will file the design in almost any country you need.

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