Patent services in Thailand


Patent in Thailand

Patent services in Thailand

If you already have a patent application filed and you need to extend its protection in Thailand or if you need to start a patent application from the patent draft,  just contact us so we can provide you with our expert advice.

We will be able to guide you through the entire process.

  • Patent drafts

    We can prepare your patent draft in English and translate it to Thai.

  • Local Filing

    File your patent application in Thailand.

  • Patent Analysis

    Have your different patent applications centralized.

Design Services in Thailand

If your company or you as a sole inventor are launching a new product in Thailand, it is always recommendable to apply for an industrial design protection.  Consider that a design patent granted will protect the aesthetic aspects of your new product preventing unauthorized copying or imitation by others, also will add value to your product and company.

  • Design drawings

    We offer professional drawings services in order to assist the applicant with a proper filing.

  • Design Search

    We offer international design search and analysis services.

  • International filing

    We will file the design in almost any country you need.