International Design Patent services

We understand how important the designs are for our clients and we are focused on providing high quality standard services. You will be supported in every step of the protection process by a designated account manager. He or she will be familiarized with your inventions, products, needs and requirements through any of the services you can request from us.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions for Industrial Design Patents:

-Local filing in almost every country
-International Filings "Hague application"

-Infringement Identification search

-Novelty/Patentability Search

-Design drawings
-Design prosecution
-Office actions
-Renewal fees management.

International Design Patents Services

Industrial designs refer only to the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of a product, add an important value to it.  Note that protecting valuable designs is a crucial part of the business strategy of our clients, with our services you will be able to obtain the exclusive right to prevent its unauthorized copying or imitation by others and considering that design patent are business assets, you will be able also to increase the commercial value of your company.

What are the requirement for an industrial design protection?
  1. The design must be novel: This mean that no identical design should have been made available to the public before the date of filing, or the application.
  2. The design must be original: Should be created independently of existing designs, cannot be an imitation.
  3. The design must have individual character: The general impression of the design by an informed person should be different of any other design previously created and available to the public.
What are the main requirements for an industrial design patent?

As a general rule, the requirements in order to obtain protection of a design will depend on the law of each country. But in general are the followings:

  1. Drawings or photos of the different views of your design (top, bottom, front, back, left, right and perspective views).
  2. Title of the design.
  3. Brief description of the design.
  4. Applicant information (Full name and full address)
  5. Inventor information (Full name and full address)
Design drawings

This is the main requirement in order to start a design filing protection process.

General process of a design application
  • 1

    Design Filing: Once you have the required drawings the attorneys will prepare the documentation for a proper application in the regarding country.

  • 2

    Design examination: The local patent office will review the novelty of your product.

  • 3

    Office action: If the patent office has observations or objections to your design they will issue a report and the requirements will have to be met.

  • 4

    Design Granting: Once the examination has ended and if the patent office has accepted your application and depending on the country you will have to pay the required registration fees.

  • 5

    Maintenance fee: Depending on the country you will need to pay maintenance fee in order to keep your patent in force.

Time Frames

A design application will have to be filed within 6 months from the first filing in any country or from the first public disclosure of the product, after this time frame the patent office will consider that the current new application is not novel.
However, in general a design application process is fast and expedite, if everything moves smoothly and, depending on the jurisdiction, an applicant can have a design granted within 6 months from the filing date.

Patent Application Budget

The Design application process has lower fees than a patent application process. However, for those applicants who need to file in several countries, it is always recommended to establish as budget strategy before proceeding.

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