Patent Services in Italy

We are aware of the importance and sensitivity of our client’s patents, and because of this we are always trying to deliver high quality standard services through personalized support. Below you will be able to review our service options:

1. Local/Direct Patent Filing in almost any country
2. PCT National Phases in all PCT contracting states
3. International PCT application.
4. Regional patent applications (EPO, GCC, ARIPO, EAPO, OAPI)

1. Infringement Identification Search per patent
2. Infringement Contentions Preparation per patent
3. Invalidity Contentions Preparation per patent
4. Response to Invalidity Contentions Preparation per patent
5. Patent to Product Mapping/Claim Chart/EoU Preparation per claim chart

1. Novelty/Patentability Search
2. Freedom-to-Operate/FTO Study
3. Patent & Business Landscape
4. Patent Invalidity Search

1. Patent draft in English and Spanish.
2. Analysis and preparation of responses for office actions.
3. Annuity payments and patent prosecution.
4. Translation services in more than 40 languages.

Patent Application in Italy

Italy is one of the contracting states of the PCT, however the only option for appying into National Phase in Italy is through the European Patent Application. Another alternative is filing your application directly without PCT.

Local Filing

If you have filed a patent in any country and you need to expand its protection to Italy, you can proceed with a national application within 12 months from the earliest priority filing date. In general, a direct national patent application strategy is recommended if you know exactly where your target market is and probably if you want to protect your application in a few countries only.

If you need to proceed with the filing of a national application you have to consider the following requirements:

  1. Patent specifications in local language (Abstract, application text, claims and drawings).
  2. Copy of the foreign priority including, country, filing date, title, owner and inventors. If applies.


With us, the filing process (PCT or Direct filing) should take 3 -5 days once we have received all the information required. Our global knowledge along with our highly experienced local patent attorneys will make this process easier, clear and fast. Contact us so we can assist you with the international protection of your invention.

Patent Draft

This is the main requirement in order to start a patent protection process.

General process of a patent application
  • 1

    Patent Filing: Once you have your patent draft already written, the attorney will prepare the documentation for a proper patent application in the relevant country.

  • 2

    Patent examination: after about 12 months (this will depend on the country) the examination process will start.

  • 3

    Office action: The patent office will issue an examination report with observations and requirements for the application.

  • 4

    Patent Granting: Once the examination has ended and if the patent office has accepted your application your patent will be granted.

  • 5

    Maintenance fee: In almost every country you need to pay a yearly fee in order to keep your patent in force.

Local Information

1. Time frame: The patent process in Italy normally can takes up to 3 years from the filing to the granting.
2. Patent applications in Italy: 973 no-resident applications were filed in Italy in 2016. (

Patent Application Budget

The patent process is complex and expensive, before starting a global invention protection, it is important to determine the budget and define a budget strategy because the costs involved can vary depending on the invention and the country where you are seeking the patent protection.

For a better understanding of the costs, please contact us.

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