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What is a patent pending?

What is a patent pending?

It is a term used to indicate that a patent application has been filed with a patent office but has not yet been granted.

Once your patent application is filed, you can label the invention as “patent pending” to put others on notice that you are seeking legal protection. This label is often used on products, packaging, or marketing materials to deter potential infringers and inform the public that the invention is in the process of being evaluated for patentability.

While a patent application is pending, the inventor has some legal protection. However, the rights associated with a patent are only fully enforceable once the patent is granted.

If the patent application is finally granted, the inventor may be able to seek damages for any acts of infringement that occurred after the publication of the patent application. However, legal protection varies between countries, and the specific rights and remedies associated with a patent pending status will depend on the jurisdiction.

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