International Patent services

We are aware of the importance and sensitivity of our client´s patents, and because of this we are always trying to deliver high quality standards services through a personalized support. Below you will be able to review our service options:

1. Local/Direct Patent Filing in almost any country
2. PCT National Phases in all PCT contracting states
3. International PCT application.
4. Regional patent applications (EPO, GCC, ARIPO, EAPO, OAPI)

1. Infringement Identification Search per patent
2. Infringement Contentions Preparation per patent
3. Invalidity Contentions Preparation per patent
4. Response to Invalidity Contentions Preparation per patent
5. Patent to Product Mapping/Claim Chart/EoU Preparation per claim chart

1. Novelty/Patentability Search
2. Freedom-to-Operate/FTO Study
3. Patent & Business Landscape
4. Patent Invalidity Search

1. Patent draft in English and Spanish.
2. Analysis and preparation of responses for office actions.
3. Annuity payments and patent prosecution.
4. Translation services in more than 40 languages.

International Patent services

We understand the strengths of a patent and the innovative level they put forward into the market. We are aware of the importance of this business assets for our clients and because of this we are always pushing to improve our services in order to be able to deliver solutions to our clients and answers to their inquiries, so they can define the best patent strategy to move forward with their inventions.


Which patent filing strategy should you follow?

In general you can find 2 main different patent filing strategies:

1. Filing a direct local patent application.
2. Filing an international PCT application.

Patents have territorial validity and it is necessary to file your patent in each country in which you wish to protect it. There are some territorial organizations, like European Patent Office, African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, Eurasian Patent Organization, that facilitate in some degree this process, but in general the owner has to apply country by country.

In case you need to file your patent application in more countries (internationally), it is highly recommended to file a PCT application first. This allows an inventor to file and protect the patent in any of the contracting states. A patent application filed under the PCT is called **international application**, or a **PCT application** and it does not mean that your patent has been filed internationally, but it extends the time for patent filing in more countries.

Without a PCT application, a patent application must be filed in all territories where you wish to protect it within 12 months from the first filing. Alternatively, if a PCT application is filed within 12 months from the first filing, time for entering a national phase in all the other PCT member state countries will be in 30 months from the original filing date.

The PCT application is a very useful strategy in the inventor or applicant has the intention to go global, the time extension will allow him to test the product into the market while gathering external capital to be invested in the protection process.

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Patent Draft

This is the main requirement in order to start a patent protection process.

General process of a patent application
  • 1

    Patent Filing: Once you have your patent draft already written we will prepare the documentation for a proper patent application in the relevant country.

  • 2

    Patent examination: after about 12 months (this will depend on the country) the examination process will start.

  • 3

    Office action: The patent office will issue an examination report with observations and requirements for the application.

  • 4

    Patent Granting: Once the examination has ended and if the patent office has accepted your application your patent will be granted.

  • 5

    Maintenance fee: In almost every country you need to pay a yearly fee in order to keep your patent in force.

Time frame

Direct Filing
You have a 12-month window in order to request a patent application after the first filing in any country, after this time frame the patent loses its novelty and its protection cannot be extended abroad.

PCT National Phase
if a PCT application is filed within 12 months from the first filing, the time frame for entering a national phase in all the other PCT member state countries will be in 30 months from the original filing date (31 months for a few countries).

Patent Application Budget

The patent process is complex and expensive, before starting a global invention protection, it is important to determine the budget and define a budget strategy because the costs involved can vary depending on the invention and the country where you are seeking the patent protection.

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