Patents in Saudi Arabia

Filing a patent in Saudi Arabia is a must if you intent to commercialized a patent in the region. The economy of Saudi Arabia is the largest in the Middle East and has a solid IP frame work. As part of its Vision 2030 plan, the country is investing heavily in sectors such as technology, renewable energy, and healthcare.

Saudi Arabia also serves as a gateway to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. A patent in Saudi Arabia can be leveraged to access a broader regional market, with expanding opportunities in neighboring countries.

In summary, the Saudi Arabian market for patents is undergoing significant development and transformation. The government’s commitment to diversification, innovation, and intellectual property protection, coupled with its economic growth and accessibility to the broader region, makes Saudi Arabia an increasingly attractive destination for inventors and businesses seeking to protect and commercialize their innovations. It’s important to stay informed about the evolving landscape and consider how it aligns with your specific business goals and industry focus.

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How to apply


Prepare the patent specifications. We can assist you with this also.


Request a quotation for the patent filing.


Payment of the patent filing service.


Assigned attorney review and prepare the forms.


Patent application filed and reported to you.

General information

Invention patent

Design patent

Filling timelines

The time limit for the PCT national phase entry in Saudi Arabia is 30 months from the earliest date of priority and 12 months for Direct Paris Route application.

The time limit for filing a design is 6 months from the earliest date of priority.

Required documents

Signed POA, inventor declaration, assignment and certified copy of priority, if applicable. Legalizations may be required.

Signed POA, inventor declaration, assignment and certified copy of priority, if applicable. A drawing set of the different views of the design. Legalizations may be required.

Examination stage

The examination fees are to be paid within 3 months from the official invitation. The amount of these official fees is determined by the patent office and varies based on the complexity of each application.

The patent office will review if the design application meets all formalities and registrability, the application is not subject of substantive examination. If the application is accepted to registration, the certificate of registration will be issued.


The applicant must pay the Granting and publication fees within 3 months from the official notification. Annuities are paid during the pendency of the application.

The granting and publication fees must be paid within 3 months from the official acceptance notification. The term of a design patent is 10 years from the filing date.

Our services


International patent filing (any country)

We have more than 20 years of experience filing and handling patent applications in almost every country. With us you will find a centralized and cost-effective filing of your international applications, allowing you to focus on the invention and the business side of your project.


Portfolio management

We are an excellent solution for law firms and experience IP attorneys that need assistance with an experienced company for management and prosecution of large portfolios, with a portfolio of more than 2200 patents, we will provide an easy and fast reporting, files and documents up to date and timely next tasks notifications.


Analytic services

In Patentarea we also have plenty of experience providing analityc services like Patentability searchs, freedom to operate analysis, and patent valuation reports.


Patent drafting

If you need assistance with a quick and cost-effective patent draft for your clients, or if you are protecting your invention for the first time, we will gladly assist you with this also.


Other Patent Services

We can also assist with any other service like assignments, renewal, licensing agreements and more. Just contact us.


How long can it take a patent in Saudi Arabia to be issued?

A standard patent application process in Saudi Arabia can take between 2 and 3 years from the filing date.

Can a patent application in Saudi Arabia be restored after abandonment?

The Applicant may submit a request to restore the application if the application was rejected / lapsed as a result of the Applicant’s non-compliance with the requirements within the prescribed period. The request should be submitted along with the valid reasons for non-compliance with the requirements and the prescribed official fees. The Authority shall notify the Applicant if the request is accepted and may provide an additional time period to complete the requirements.


We have a team of patent attorneys and engineers, with years of experience making patent searches, filing patent applications and following up on the patent process in more than 30 countries, which allows us to assure you:
-Competent professionals will perform all the necessary procedures for filing and following up your patent application.
-You will receive timely information regarding updates for the application process.
-If objections or rejections arise in the patent application process, knowledgeable attorneys will advise you on the appropriate course of action.
-All information provided to us will be kept in absolute confidentiality. Before entering any business relationship we electronically sign a confidentiality agreement with you that protects your interests (View our confidentiality agreement).

Who will be in charge of my application?

In countries where services are offered, relies on teams of recognized and experienced patent attorneys, allowing us to assure a high-quality service.
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Patent in Saudi Arabia

Patent Services in Saudi Arabia

We offer an extensive variety of services oriented to the analysis and protection of the inventions of our clients. If you need guidance for your patent filing or your National Phases in Saudi Arabia do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Patent drafts

    Highly experience preparing patent drafts.

  • Local Filing

    File your local application in Saudi Arabia.

  • National Phases

    Have your different patent applications centralized.

Design Services in Saudi Arabia

If your company or you as a sole inventor are launching a new product in Saudi Arabia, it is always recommendable to apply for an industrial design protection.  Consider that a design patent granted will protect the aesthetic aspects of your new product preventing unauthorized copying or imitation by others, also will add value to your product and company.

  • Design drawings

    We offer professional drawings services in order to allow the applicant a proper filing.

  • Design Search

    We offer international design search and analysis services.

  • Design Applications

    We will file your design in almost any country you need.

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