Patent national application based on a foreign filing

In general, a direct national patent application strategy is recommended if you know exactly where your target market is and probably if you want to protect your application in few countries.

For filing a national application we need the patent specifications including the summary, application text, claims and drawings. In addition, if you are claiming a foreign priority we need the original patent details including, country, filing date, title, owner and inventors.

The filing process should take under a week if we have the complete information and translated text if required. Our global experience and extended network of local attorneys will make this process easier.

In most countries this is the complete patent process, from the patent application to the patent grant.


You already have a patent application.

Patents Application Process Based on Foreign Filings
  • 1

    Customer provides information of the base patent filing. Including, country, filing date, number, patent specifications, translation text and drawings.

  • 2

    Local attorney reviews the documentation.

  • 3

    Patent Filing.

  • 4

    Examination Stage: This stage includes the Patent Examination request and the response to possible objections or office actions.

  • 5

    Patent Grant.

Time frames

You have up to 12 months for filing and claiming the foreign patent priority. If you are not able to claim the priority its very important that the invention has not been published yet. Please contact us for more details.

Patent Application Budget

For understanding the total costs of your patent filing or complete patent application process you must consider the filing patent office official fees, attorney legal fees, translation fees and document legalization fees. In some countries search and examination fees should be paid later in the patent application process and you should also budget possible Office Actions and finally the granting fees and annuities.

For a better understanding of the costs please contact us.

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